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Abandoned pregnant

Abandoned pregnant

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They designed it together, or they estimated it ... It seems, anyway, there's a chance that Dad would just wear his hat. This is the end of the world itself. But there is life after the end of the world.

Abandoned pregnant

Should I be pregnant for a Christmas?

Gabi (42), baby boy, Marci (10)
We were fourteen of them together, of which twelve were married. We had many waves, but we always got out of them. We designed the big girl and discussed when the next child was born and conceived. When it turned out, I received a huge gift from my husband, saying, "You will give birth to a sure son!"
The hell didn't last much. Fell in love. I was six months pregnant when the crash broke and I couldn't make a decision about the baby anymore. You missed home. In the beginning, of course, he said he had to "think". I didn't write it. There, the seven-year-old baby boy and the would-be baby boy, what should you think? Then somehow I started to feel that everything was wrong, everyone was liars. He said an acquaintance came to "think". I realized that the acquaintance was a young colleague. I met him. When he found me, he wondered, "Yeah, are you pregnant?" She told her that she told us we were not living because I had a problem.
It also turned out, of course, that he didn't just "live". After the interview I got sick, went to the clinic. My blood pressure was high, the doctor only allowed me to get my stuff. I called my brother to baby in danger. Got it, I said I talked to my friend. There was nothing to deny here. I should have been kicked out at the moment, but I also called her for birth. I'm sorry I wasn't with my mom or brother.
I was pregnant from sixth month. I thought my sick child would give birth to being so anxious. But she was perfectly healthy, maybe even a good baby. He felt that I would not bear any more burden. My friends helped me, my parents, my grandmother's classmates' parents. After childbirth, we kept organizing and saving programs everywhere. I wasn't depressed, I didn't run for alcohol. I love my little son, from start to finish I'll be back all over again.
Marci was ten days old when I got to know my boyfriend. My son thinks he is his daddy, though he knows he has another father who rarely meets with him while he is in close contact with her. My boy plays football with my son, they hang out together. When Marci falls asleep on the couch, she always makes sure to touch the couple with her toe. Unfortunately, this is a burden. You keep watching over me. If there's something wrong with the big guy, then he's twice as good at school, twice as much. Always helped. But she should be a kid, let go, get sick. I'm sorry, but I'm very happy with it. I feel very lucky for my children and my brother.

They can help you

Judgment of Judit Szхdy psychologist
Whether you are expecting an "estimated" pregnancy, women have much less choicelike a man. If you keep it, you have to carry it, bring it up. If you reject it, you have to deal with deficiency and responsibility, because even when a very small fetus is early in life, the fantasy of a toddler whose life depends on him is definitely present. When you give birth, you live to the realization that somewhere in the world you have a girl or son who was raised in her body, carries her qualities and could have a common destiny.
The male, by contrast it is easier to get out from the situation. Of course, I wouldn't stop it lightly. THE busted male it also has a lower social impact. In this situation, women can count on their immediate environment, their parents, and their friends, and can be helped a lot by online dating and online forums. THE social support among women The ancients have been an important handrail since, fortunately, this radical change in civilization has not waned, and even with the advent of the Internet, it has expanded.
Anyone who is encouraged by the environment and with the support or help of a specialist can overcome the guilt of the situation can raise a happy, balanced child like anyone else.
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