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Free Speech Therapy

Free Speech Therapy

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A free screening series will be launched in honor of the European Day of Speech Therapy by the 117-year-old Capital Speaker Institute.

Emoji ke Mosnynyi, director of the institution, said on the occasion of the honorable day, the free screening series is open to anyone who writes, has problems with their oral language, or develops their language. The Metropolitan Speech Institute is open for the first time on March 6th, and thereafter, every couple of weeks, it is open to interested people.
Hundreds of children, adult patients, and indirectly, families are helped at the Institute every year. As the Governor said, the needy in the country have access to the most professional care: they receive greeds, warfare, thieves, dysfunctions, mutists, linguistic gossip, dyskinesia. They also treat patients with other rare speech problems, and they do not forget about the polishing of speech or the technique of speech.
"With the help of the organizational transformation and the improvement of the personal conditions, we are able to accept more and more people year after year," Emke Mos Mosnyi said. This is because more and more children are falling behind in the role of communication: they are unable to follow the pace of communication dictated by the world. The number of people with communication disorder in the country is estimated to be in the tens of thousands, and those affected or their families do not even know they have a problem: they only need to seek the help of the right professionals. Therefore, the European Day of Speech Therapy events was also a failure.
Our institute reports on the events of Hungarian Speech Therapy Day on the following site, click!


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