Nobel laureate became home-born puppeteer

Nobel laureate became home-born puppeteer

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Ina May Gaskin honors 71-year-old American puppeteer to be among the winners of the Alternative Nobel Prize-winning Right Livelihood Award.

The reward is given to individuals and organizations that provide real alternatives to today's world problems, and have significant and long-lasting results in terms of human rights and benefits. repaired his efforts. Bar handing out the prize The Right Livelihood Foundation the statute itself never uses the term "alternative Nobel Prize", since this is considered to be the most authentic supplement to the Swedish chemist-based tribute.
Idйn Huang Ming the Chinese people, Jacqueline Moudeina family law, a farming NGO named GRAIN, and Ina May Gaskin, an American baba.


Ina May settled in Tennessee with her breed in 1971, after traveling to America with a larger hippie company and then establishing the Farm. There were several babies born during the migration, so Ina got some practice in natural childbirth. The Farm Puppet Center, based in Summertown, became the leader of more than 2,000 babies in the family home. Their results shock the practitioners of medically-assisted birth with incredible numbers.
"Women on the Farm have again learned and have been extremely successful at women's behaviors in which women in civilized cultures are not known to live up to the general medical meaning.
My experience with the baby has taught me that women's bodies are always working. It is true that sometimes we also need to deliver a woman for cesarean delivery or multiple birth, but such interventions are relatively uncommon in women who are born on Farmon. (The proportion of cuttings was 1.4 percent by the year 2000, the catch and the vacancy rate was 0.05 percent. The US cupping rate was 10 percent in the year 2001)
See Ina May's Guide to Birth in a Book of Books.
The alternative went to the Nobel Prize for money and appreciation.