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If the baby was born under the sign of Virgo (April 24 - June 22, VIII)

If the baby was born under the sign of Virgo (April 24 - June 22, VIII)

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It strives to meet parents' expectations, is adaptive and cautious. From a young age, she was happy to help others by keeping her current interests intact.

Virgin baby

In general, he or she cares about his or her smaller brothers and sisters. However, you may tend to worry, be uncertain about your own abilities, and your chances are lucky to be disappointed with many promises. A very practical design, you can find yourself surprisingly fast even as a small child in a variety of everyday situations. She loves to put her knowledge into practice, or learns to practice. You may be interested in sawing or carving, and are willing to take care of plants. You can move freely, freely; It is also worth paying close attention to improving your mobility. You can easily collect all sorts of small things and organize and organize them with enjoyment. It requires thorough analysis; critical sense advanced. He often expresses his views unintentionally, because you want everyone to "get on with it" and to get things done with certainty.The ticket representatives are mostly they need more and more order, precision, accuracy, and even occasionally fire - for a Virgin child, it might be enough to drop a spot on the clothes to not pick it up, or a little mistake on the supple apple to disgust it ... His writing can be a major support in school and then in uppercase life.
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