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Kidney problems that stop children

Kidney problems that stop children

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March 8th is World Kidney Day, which is designed to raise awareness of the health hazards of our selection body. Today, almost one in ten people are affected by some type of illness.

Kidney problems that stop childrenUnfortunately, children are no exception to different changes or infections. On the occasion of the World Day, the nephrology expert at the Czeizel Institute has collected information on the youngest. On this day worldwide, the profession calls our attention to our vital organs for the removal and elimination of waste products.It is important to be aware that certain variants of kidney disease we can drown the children: Congenital abnormalities are light during pregnancy ultrasound examinations, so we can prepare for minor problems such as urinary tract obstruction, which is relatively common. Fortunately, less frequently diagnosed in children, but possible alterations in the stomach, kidneys, or different cystic diseases. "These kйt fх tнpusбt kьlцnbцztetjьk it. The alsу йs felsх hъgyъti fertхzйseket Alsу hъgyъti fertхzйs or mбs nйven hуlyaghurut esetйn the betegsйg only йrinti the hуlyagot, abdominal бltalбban fбjdalommal, csнpх-йgх vizeletьrнtйssel frequent vizelйsi stimulus, bыzцs urine jбr, possibly korбbban Repeated peeing of a roomy or clean child may be a warning. The most common manifestations are those of the girl, and more than one cause, among other causes, may include: dr. Biru Kinga, a specialist in pediatric nephrology at the Czeizel Institute. "In the case of upper respiratory tract infections or inflammation of the kidneys, following the above initial symptoms (including but not limited to), high fever, abdominal and rectal pain, abdominal pain, Further examinations are needed to detect possible anatomical abnormalities. "Hygiene plays an important role in preventing infections. "Teach your little ones to wipe their bottoms from the front backwards after using the wash! Also, make sure you use the right amount of fluid," warns dr. Biru Kinga.Related articles on kidney disease:
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