What should mom not eat to have a baby?

What should mom not eat to have a baby?

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He can become a nerve-wracker after a while, treating his mother for nine months now that everything will be different now. Not only will it be, but it will be.

What should mom not eat to have a baby?

The "what not to get pregnant" list for some is a two-volume regurgitated list, and a short list of "to-do" notes. However, overlays are sure to include blocking foods in the dark. When a baby moves into the tummy, not only hormonal fluctuations often make the expectant mother's mood. Joy and worry go hand-in-hand, as the next nine months are the most important steps to being on top of motherhood. In this case, the road is nothing but a healthy journey. And whoever is willing to do anything is a mother. Pregnancy vitamins, baby gymnastics, baby-mom relationship analysis, hypnosis, etc., are thousands and thousands of things we can give you money, energy and patience. All of these are not so great in the light of hanging raw hams or meat on the diet.

Your body, his life

Communication in biological terms takes place through the genius of genius. The cushion provides the baby with nutrients, oxygen, slag metabolism, and passes through the baby's cord. The placenta also protects against certain pathogens and toxic substances. However, it cannot filter everything out, so it is alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and low bacterial or viral levels from the mother's blood circulation to the baby's bloodstream, which can cause miscarriage, fetal death or disability.

Forbidden food

The body is more likely to be at risk and more susceptible to infections, somore attention should be paid to raw materials and hygiene requirements betartбsбra. Raw meat (such as buckwheat sturgeon), gutted (raw, smoked ham), fish (salmon), improperly cleaned raw vegetables (lettuce), too. The parasite can enter the body through cat litter or contaminated food. Fortunately, it can be detected by laboratory tests and can be cured by antibiotic treatment. Consumption of raw, non-pasteurized milk and dairy products (such as cheese, camembert, feta) is also to be avoided, as it may cause This infection is also a great risk to both mother and baby. Raw eggs or foods cooked from them (such as poultrymeat) are prohibited due to salmonella. And, according to the latest research, the consumption of hazelnuts and dumplings is shrinking may increase the tendency for allergiesso we'd rather leave them out of our diet.

Good food

Almost every pregnancy-related movie or scene lovingly deals with the topic of "keen maternity". They dare to make a mistake, and they smile a lot when a pregnant mom feels like an insatiable taste for a dose of chocolate donut or unremitting sour cucumber at 11 o'clock in the evening. In the latter diet, there are not many foreshadows, though excessive consumption may cause stomach upset, however, we try to keep ourselves away from carbohydrates and junk food. Be aware that spicy foods are not your favorite fortified foods.

Let's be quick!

Increased hygiene standards and avoidance of these foods can reduce the risk. It's time to pay attention to meat and fish and dairy products bought in the shop and butcher's. For the great part of them that are taken up are not heat-treated, but only smoked. So that you don't have to give up on delicious snacks, we recommend a homemade chicken breast and a home-stuffed sausage between our recipes.
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