Raising boys in art

Raising boys in art

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Ibolya and Stephen raise three children. They were born very young when they could cope with the challenge the boys gave.

Djuroska Istvбn (42) industrial climber, programmer
Rouge Ibolya(39) lactation specialist, primarily mother
Djuroska Istvбn (18)
Djuroska Andrбs (14)
Djuroska Gergх (10) - Initially, we tried to provide an environment for our children that was safe and did not have to be forbidden, Violet. "However, there was no dispute in certain situations: for example, we did not let them shake the body, but held hands even if they didn't like it." I think it's a social game that everyone has a role to play. For a child, trying to push the boundaries and experiencing what he or she is allowed to do. And it is up to the parent to show the child how long he or she can go. I often find that if the parent does not fit into this role and allows the child to do certain things from time to time, then the child will lose ground under the foot. Temporarily, she's happy to have everything free for her, but she'll be very lost in the world.
- My trick is to be able to let the bubble in harmony with the evolution of the little meaning - he says Istvбn.- Finding the signs of climbing is the most difficult. In addition, the child's meaning develops in waves. There are times when it annoys a man that his baby is a bum (I expected more than it should have been) and some when he shamelessly made his way to the barn (I missed the level recognition). These hikes are marked by hysterical periods. It is as if the child's mind is reorienting, because from time to time the patterns are mixed up. These are the moments when you can effectively reposition roles when it comes to pointing or confrontation. When I was treated well, our relationship always became more harmonious. When we went wrong, we all suffered.

We have some opinions

"Now that the boys are big, they often talk to me about what they want," says Ibolya about the current situation. - Conscious, thoughtful children with enormous justice. That's why it's not easy for us, I admit, I'm a terrific fan of explaining everything! It has happened more than once that the craze broke off and I said it must be so and ready! Then, of course, they were pouting for a while, the mood was not pleasant.
"Unfortunately," all of our children are too mean to stupidly shake their minds, "says the father. - How nice it would be. Our middle son, Andris (14) he is the most calm character, he takes note of uncommon punishments without regret, and is willing to help. The biggest, Isti (18) And the smallest, Gergх (10) Two people who drive through what we consider to be poorly kept and sometimes backfire. We also want to push established borders faster than we do. They need to be sanctioned more often, the more controversial is sometimes the "shut up, son!" can only be closed with a cursing hernia. This is, of course, just a snapshot, usually a bullshit.


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