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5 fathers worry

5 fathers worry

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Wow, yes, it's enough to let your brain seem to go into stand-by mode as soon as you start telling her about pregnancy, and pushing your baby carriage away in your baby's clothes

The father is also worried

1. "Will I really be a father?"

Motherhood is realistic to us the minute we find that second chunk on the pregnant test. For men, it's a lot more complicated.- This whole kid for something nice, abstract it seemed as though we hadn't been in the car until we were about to have a baby - she says Dбniel (31) the father of the two-year-old Manka. - But then enlightenment struck me with all my might, as if a terrorist attack had occurred.

You couldn't see your nose anymore?

Many men tend to have a put the head in sandto go further with the realization that everything is fine, nowhere is it a problem! If this has been the case before, do not be surprised that it works. Х You can, because nobody knocks inside to hear you, Dad. Even in the morning, it won't hurt you. Maybe he wouldn't mind.

Help him!

Men overwhelmingly have much more visual power than women. Take advantage of it! Ask them to put your hand on your tummy to feel the baby's claps and to look at the images of the developing fetus in between. This will surely help to make the little bride real. So the tantrum is easier: he'll be a father soon.

2. "Do you really always have to deal with this?"

You have a glassy eye for nothing as you arrange your life with crazy enthusiasm, flagging catholics in your home, and discovering incredible good things on the internet. - My girlfriend is down. He was on the net all night. Mamazilla… - grimaces Бdбm (26) is the father of half-year-old Marci, recalling the last few months before birth. - I think it was all baby stuff, except for basic living space. I was thinking, I had opinions, I had ideas, but as if they weren't there. I figured it would be best if I left it.How can you say that?
Buy over men. But that does not mean that they do not want to participate in baby prep. But they retreat when they feel they can't really get into it!Help him!
It is very important that you discuss everything from the baby room scene to the final version of your birth plan. Always give me the opportunity to tell us what you think. Ask, because you may not be born on your own. Make sure you take it seriously! Ask for interviews with nurses, babies, and doctors.
And something else! Make the choice of stroller! If something has wheels, it impresses men so much that they forget to try to buy it.

3. "Will you ever have time for me?"

Magazines staring at their idyllic family pictures literally sting their heads: are you well on your way? Will my family have time to expand? - My wife talked only about the baby for nine months - tells me Pйter (41) the father-in-law of Jasmine, the mother of the sons. - Sometimes I felt like I didn't even count it.What's missing her?
The man received his mother's attention and then you were your "only lover". Now, suddenly, he's the one who runs the sour cucumber barn into the store at night, dies out of the bag, and puts on his shoes because you have a hard time moving. If your sex life is also weak, you may feel twice as losing.How do you help?
Remember that baby is the fruit of your love, that is, your relationship is fundamental. If possible, spend a lot of time alone, at least once a week, to think of a couple of turns off. Use the power of words! When you plan your coming, don't say "when the baby is born", but "when we're having a baby soon"!

4. "Can I take part in this kid thing at all?"

If you want your couple to really help and bring up, take care of your baby, give him a chance! - When our Barbie girl was born eight months ago, my wife seems like a nerve wrecker - she remembers Бgoston (32). "Whenever I was wearing Barbie, I was terribly worried, and I was constantly criticized and did anything. Now he complains bluntly that they never helped. I can't be any way ...Why do you call her so breasty?
Think, little boys usually don't play with babies, it's not "masculine". In this space, you almost expect your surroundings to be insane at first. And mostly they are. If you give it a flip and you're shy, you will take it out a little bit every time you give the diaper upside down, and the rest will lose confidence, and rather give up, no more.Help him!
It is very important that you give them a lot of "paternal time", so that your couple becomes waxed, and it is not incidental that they strengthen the bond between them. Highlight the tasks that the father performs, such as bathing. But don't stay there, don't give unwanted advice. You will both benefit from this: your husband's confidence will be strengthened and you will have to "officially" spend a little time in your favorite armchair. Let's call this a win-win situation!

5. "And here I am?"

Relatives and friends, if they are not exactly baby-friendly, will immediately begin to deal with the fact that their mothers are having these difficult days. The circle seems to have everyone forgetting ... - It was very disturbing that almost everyone I met asked Andi Szegnya to deal with many new tasks? - says Zoli (34), the father of two-year-old Anna - "Don't worry that I'm up all night with baby and Andi, I'll start working and stop by tonight," I say most kindly. Of course, I'm not saying ...Why is he so sorry?
It is indeed impossible to prepare for what parents are expecting in the first few weeks. You only really realize it when you're in it. Physically and mentally exhausting is what happens to the baby, and besides that, the good part of housework remains on the man. For the young dad, the last drop in the glass may be when, after a solid night, he makes red eyes to his dear brothers and sisters who talk about what a difficult mother is.Help him!
It's important that you tell her how much you appreciate itto help and he is by your side. You can praise it before others. Have it many times and leave my hearty "thank you" notes in the laundry, in the trash can in the diaper bag. Every little thing counts!
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