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Festive programs for children

Festive programs for children

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Hilarious, historical hobby games, truncheon, sword, cockerel and lace-up will make for a brilliant time to stay home!

Hussar Training in the URBAN Dandelion Celebration Playhouse, Baby and Children's Hall of Fairs, Concert and Ballroom (Bab Society, Sunshine Cemeteries, Kolompos Orchestra)

Jбtйkok йs foglalkozбsok "akadбlyverseny" kйzmыvestanya (huszбrtarisznya kйszнtйse йs dнszнtйse ьnnepi motнvumokkal valу szitбzбssal, kцtйlverйs, csбkу-, csбkуrуzsa-, forgу- йs pбrtakйszнtйs), the ACC jбtszуsarok Szeretnйk Jбrni Egyesьlet fejlesztх jбtйkaival (free jбtйk: labdбk, babzsбkok, mбszу alagъt)
10-03-2012, Saturday, Market: 09: 00-13: 00, Play Show: 10: 00-13: 00, Concert & Show: 12: 00-1: 00 p.m.
Eötvös 10 (1067 Budapest, Eötvös utca 10.) - Theater Room

Historical Playground - Free!

Historical and intellectual winnings, film casting, craftsmanship (paperclip, sword, cockade, and ball)
3/15/2017, Thurs, 11am - 3pm
Csoma Kőrös Sándor Kábbánya Cultural Center (1105 Budapest, St. Louis St.)

Our National Day - March 15

Huskarprubba, spearfishing, novelty, cup, sword, cocktail and lace making, candle making, roasting etc. Presentation by contemporary art masters of objects decorated with national symbols. Image: open-plan and / or card 3/15/2018, Thurs-Sun 10 am-5pm Open-Air Museum of Open Air in Szentendre (Skanzen) (2000 Szentendre, Staravoda www.t)

Bocrete - March 15th Craftwork

Beading, shrubbery, cane, swords, cockroaches, whips. Weekdays on dated and dulut on advance registration.
3/9/14, Thursday Wednesday
Agora - Children's Houses (9700 Szombathely, 4 Jossa M. Street)


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