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How can you bring a baby to life? What are the general choices? What can help you avoid jeopardizing your parent's safe course?

Starting point: traditional hospital birth

At the time of admission, the clinician and the midwife and CTG examines whether the baby has actually begun, that is, that the ossicles are regular, the mucosa has begun, and the mucosa has begun. This is followed by the so-called preparation, which means that you shave the hair on your buttocks, get your pregnant mother a shower and then take a shower. Then, at certain intervals, usually one or two additional internal examinations follow, and the intermediate period can be spent by the pregnant mother as the circumstances allow: very, very, very, very.
If there is an early onset, that is, before the onset of regular breastfeeding, or for other reasons, it is important to keep a close eye and to have a CTG exam. This can make the work of the butter very difficult. It is harder to bear the cubs, time is sluggish, many examinations can be confusing, but the goal is for the fetus and mother to be safe and to keep track of the birth process. The doctor of choice is usually called in before the exit period.
The expulsion phase in many hospitals is always carried out with feet on both sides of the bracket, or with footrests on the sides and also lying down. During pregnancy, the pregnant woman is almost always given an oxytocin infusion, and at least before the start of the stretching period, she will rupture if she has not cracked herself.
Usually, the birth is done by removing the baby's bed, and at the very least, the maternal leg is cuffed. Oxytocin can help to boost vigorous dyspnoea to reduce blood loss and eliminate butterflies as quickly as possible. Next comes the sectioning and the care of the injuries, if any.
The interventions and examinations in the case of birth are regulated by the professional protocol. This is not a big difference in hospitals, so you should not count on choices, at most in the field of pain relief.

There are many options to choose from

Alternative in the living room

What did this mean for the alternative, that is, a cozy living room? A lot depends on the doctor and your vision method! Of course, you should be aware that only those who are expected to have a natural, event-free birth after having a baby without any problems will be admitted to such a baby room. So, twin pregnancies, previous surgical procedures on the uterus, premature laceration, toxemia, headache, fetal childbirth, and chronic morbidity of the mother in many cases are precluded.
However, those who can get there are still very good at it: their parents are nice, general, no worries, don't have to lie down, don't have to wear CTG permanently, and the variety of equipment they can do is a lot of exercise and body. Breastfeeding is open to the situation, too: the doctor often does not intervene, but rather helps the baby, for example, with protection. Oxytocin infections are rarely encountered here, but there are a number of butter-proofing tools available: for example, a gym ball, a purple wall, and a butter ball.

With slush, slush

These are handy tools that can be very useful in the postgraduate course, if the helpers know exactly what they are, how to use them. The essence is that, in all types, gravity also helps in the baby's birth, and posture helps with strength and support. There is no need for an alternative room for the birth, in theory, it could also be helpful at the time of the outburst, if the birth has been delayed or for some reason not entirely cloudy.
Although it can be placed on a wider baby bed or podium, although it is most comfortable for the parent woman, it is not somewhere high, but with two feet on the ground, and it is supported by the cat or the arm. Unfortunately, this is not even a theoretical opportunity in most hospitals because they do not have this small horseshoe capability. Where it is, however, it is worth giving it a try, because those who were able to beat it were very upset. It is not a new phenomenon, it has been used for centuries in the birth of babies.


As far as we know, there are currently two hospitals, both in Budapest (St. Imre, St. Stephen), where birth can occur in the water. Mostly it starts out in the water, as it is a must that the pleasant warm bath in a bulky, comfortable bath gives you a relaxing and relaxing bath during the long hours of working. Of course, this can only be done by someone who has met the requirements of the alternate room, that is, who has not encountered any problems, the shell has not cracked sufficiently and the baby is well on its way.
With technical equipment, we consider it essential to have a fetal voice test that can be used in the water. And a doctor and a nurse need a dose of skin care: no matter how good it is, there is no alternative to this in many other countries, if you don't have the experience you need in the water right now like traditionally.
If you have a problem with your nursing home, you may want to ask the parenting course what conditions you can use it for. If you have a positive answer, you may not be ready to give birth in water. It's better to know what's going to work out the best for you, because it's hard to know. It is also worth asking for your opinion.

Yeah, well, with your chosen donuts

Wherever birth takes place, it is not at all important who take the man in those organs. Experiences and tests have proven that helping a baby with friends can help relapse. Under local circumstances, this means most of the time that the father, or instead of him, is a close relative of a close relative. The health law makes it possible for a woman to be born to a person of legal age. This opportunity is worth living for.
We can also do in a poor hospital that we are about to give birth. Х A woman with parental experience and little training, but not health, who considers it her job to support, shield, and assist in the most difficult of times. You may be able to mediate between health personnel and your mother. It may be possible to allow the presence of a dula besides the father, but they may have to be chosen between them. This is not easy, as the dela provides nothing more than you would expect from the father.


We can usually count on this possibility, but we can only be sure if epidural, or spinal sensation, is common practice in the chosen hospital. This is considered to be the most modern of the drug procedures. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the pain and fear of behaving in an unacceptable and unacceptable way can reassure himself with the possibility of not suffering. Optionally a better alternative than cupping. It is not a good idea to stop yourself from painkillers, but you shouldn't let them talk to you, either.
These details should be checked in advance with your nurse or doctor. Many hospitals have also been prepared to offer drug-free pain relief to the mother. For the most part, this involves more intense mental support than usual, the use of various massage techniques, water suppression and homeopathic analgesia. Let's try these options first, but that's all. It is not a good idea to give birth to painkillers because parenting is not a competition where the hardest Indians get the award.


We have time in advance to prepare ourselves for it in the form of a pre-planned cupcake: from the very first moment we will be in the mother in about five minutes. It is not always easy to process, because it lacks all the hormonal processes that prepare the mother to function during the long hours of fatigue, both in the body and in the body. Few doctors will take you under the name, but we can ask you what surgical technique you will be doing.
After the so-called Misgav-Ladach method, recovery is faster, less development is needed, and we are certainly better off. You can also ask for a cupcake to get your partner or della into the lab, but this desire is fulfilled in few places. It is much more important that you know the baby as soon as possible, and that you get breastfeeding help, either from coughing up or from infants or, ideally, from both.


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