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It must be a much bigger change than the family tax credit

It must be a much bigger change than the family tax credit

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It makes more money for the government to put in the system, no more children are born. At the Society's Freedom Conference, experts talked about the environment it would take for more children to be born.

It must be a much bigger change than the family tax creditThe Company organized a Freedoms Conference on the next national consultation topic, Childhood Incentives. I was invited to the conference by Katalin Novák, the family secretary of the family, but she did not leave. quotes one of the most important phrases of the conference Spark DorottyaAccording to the latest statistics, no government puts more money into the system, no more children are born. The government is now planning to ask people in the national consultation about what more children will be like. According to experts, more children are born when
  • help women to progress in the workplace, to find a job
  • the wits can be reached
  • relationships (marriages, relationships) stay in place, supported by government
  • social and family-friendly services are available
  • the role of fathers is strengthened.
Dorottya Sparkle has also said that the government still supports big families, not one and two children, not single parents. In his view, CSOK is not a factor of influence and neither is the (non) birth of third or fourth children, but the first and second children are not born.Currently most children are born on the bottom and top of the social structure, and this fact does not seem to realize that if there is more money in the system, more children will be born.Vajda Rouza sociologist, a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, approached the issue from the employment side. She thinks women don't have children because they have livelihood problems, bad working conditions, unequal work distribution at home, there is no good balance between motherhood and work (According to international data, where the role of men and women is more equal and women's work is stimulated, there are more children born) According to Vajda, "Then we have to specialize in trying to solve the demographic problem by increasing the number of births. We also have to deal with the conditions and how long children live," he said. Szé Dvid professional psychologist, family and relationship consultant, author of the Apapara blog. In the pregnancy, the father can not take part, the 5 days' paternity leave is not enough, couples can not get to know each other. those living in the upper middle class drive more work and more money, so they don't have enough money with the kids, "Szél said. Emotional housework expression, that is, the coordination of the family, the keeping of the minds of the peoples, the organization of the birthdays, the gifts. "If they started to change that, the man would have more to do with having a kid. The goal is to make family a common thing even if the parents aren't together."Related articles on Children's Fun:
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