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She felt the little brother

Judith Hegedûs's late presenter little girl, Greta, soon felt that change could be expected in her family life. How do you prepare for the arrival of your new baby?

Hegedыs Judit 37 year editor-in-chief
Fйrje: Nagy Endre is a 42 year old communications manager
Gyermekьk: Grilled Bella 3 and half year old school

Since 2005, Judit has been a presenter on MTV's Broadcasting, but she may also be familiar with the Budapest Regional Broadcasting, the Evening Broadcast and the European Unique Membrane Information Magazine. Just before the expected date of birth, Judit shared with us and her dear readers her baby-pleasures and concerns. Since then, our family has been extended to the family.- I would think that the flycatcher would soon be removed, whose tummy was rolling. How long have you worked and how are your days going?
- We fans are lucky, because when sitting up, the screen doesn't really look like a tummy. We can stay as long as we feel good and, of course, as long as we are screen savers. Since MTV took my status into consideration by far, I worked practically for the eighth month. At this point, there were airborne problems that affect your speech. After that, I arrange the "New Kid" arrival (we still haven't decided on a name), it just decides where we will sleep, how we will share our time, and how we share our little ones. I slowed down quite a bit, I didn't have to hurry and it was a liberating sensation.
- What was it like for your first appointment now?
- Although my doctor says I think I get a lot better at the obstacles, mainly psychologically, I feel heavier at first because of my age. I used to live a very lively life, the consequences of which left a mark on my body. We say we still love childhood, but that's not entirely true.
- In your case, did you have a deliberate shift in your childhood?
- No, there was always something more important: work, travel, living ... a little centered life.
- What was your first birth like?
- Quick! I only went to the hospital with the five-minute coyote. We were engrossed in fire and the kid was out at one hour. I was born in Hssgriad, the hospital was fifty degrees. It all happened so fast. I'm not planning ahead now, I hope everything will be fine.
- Was Dad a parent?
- Yes, I'm sorry. While I was struggling, my son fell asleep from the stress. I woke him up to go down the croissant because if I didn't eat, I would definitely be sick. By the time he came back, everyone thought I was born, congratulated him, and put me in the living room. So she was able to watch the baby until the premiere. Usually, it doesn't even feel like somebody takes his hand, but he is completely mortified.- Did you routinely kill baby babies this time around?
- I haven't read so much literature now, but aside from that, I repeat: I have the same fears about whether it will be healthy, everything will be okay, what our whole life will be up to, and of course kislбnyunk.
- How did you tell her the goulash?
- This is an interesting story: I was three weeks pregnant, and I wasn't even sure when Greta came up to me and said "she's a little belly". He also said he would be a baby. After all, I couldn't deny it, and admitting it wasn't a good feeling, because it could have been anything else.
- Do you have any strategies for preventing fraternity?
- Our baby thinks it is self-evident that the little brother will sleep with us, and he has already put the baby toy in our bedroom so that they will not miss something. Bar is very much looking forward to the little brother, a real 24 ounce kid: always in the center of attention and taking everyone by himself. When I bought the kittens for the baby and the bag fell out of my hand, Greene thought I'd buy her or the baby toy. When I made it clear that he was going to be a fool, he was immediately offended. He took the little clothes off, and after Nimi's paternal exhortation, the next morning, he handed them all back neatly ... We do not know how we will handle it - and we will always try to act wisely in the current situation. We are often prepared to fail - the small child always reacts as foolishly as one expects.
- How much does your husband take out of your child's to-do list, can you count on it in diapers?
- Involves fully in child-related activities. A strong-willed man like Iin, we fight a lot, but he's a super dad! In spite of being a really masculine man, I was surprised at how much he cared about her: bathing, changing her diapers, bringing her to school, walking and living community life in the village.
- Which one is the stricter one?
- We agree very much on the basics, we are both strict. In the amount of chocolate and evening tales, his father is more lenient.
- What is your biggest challenge in parenting?
- A steady state of health and a stronger will of ours is unexpected. I keep wondering if I do what I do well.
- With two kids, do you have the chances of running a program for two?
- The theoretical opportunity is there, but so far we have done very little. Maybe we could have been a little looser, and we could have trusted our baby more often.
- You mentioned that the baby has no name yet - a lot of time left to figure it out.
"Something more special about the Big Name, but we don't want it to sound foreign." Unfortunately, we used two of our favorite names, Greta Bella. We didn't think ahead. And now our ideas are very distant with my husband. We asked Gretha, back, but she listed the "Button", the "Hump" and the Warrior "names". So for now, we haven't gotten smarter ...
- When can we see the screen again?
- Earlier in the year, but more in a year. I make it dependent on breastfeeding, but a lot depends on what the changes in the canal bring. I'll work part-time, so I have more time for the kids.
Only three weeks have passed since the interview, when my cellphone rings and the other end of the line is cheering Judith's voice: I'm home with the baby! What's his name? - I ask curiously. Called Flurra Borkbor and born at the István Courthouse with 2.95kg on 2/26 at 2:45 pm - Mother replies. As far as I am aware, the birth did not proceed as planned, because the baby turned ill shortly before the date, so we could only help with cesarean delivery. But since then everything is going fine, Flurra is sleeping well and willing to suck on a little urge.