The idea for a kid was called back

The idea for a kid was called back

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Above the limit melamine release from a bamboo kit for young children was measured by the French authorities. The Chinese origin also came to Hungary.

The idea for a kid was called backThe National Food Chain Safety Authority (Nebih) asks those who have the same identified stock in the household, do not use it. Coffret Vaisselle Bamboo Azur branded children's kit with a full ID for blue-colored products A005510, peach color A005511And RASFF reference number 2019.2488.Melamine is a nitrogenous, heterocyclic, aromatic organic compound that has been notified by the Agency through the European Commission Rapid Alert System (RASFF). Formaldehyde resins are used primarily in the plastics industry, but also insecticides derived from cyromazine are used. Melamine-containing utensils and kitchen utensils can release melamine to the heat, which can cause kidney damage, says Nebih on his website.