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The Baby in the Sign of the SKORPIU (X 24. - XI. 22.)

The Baby in the Sign of the SKORPIU (X 24. - XI. 22.)

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His determined, persistent personality is manifested early on.

The baby in the SKORPI signIt can turn out to be stubborn at times - which is an advantage for a number of areas, but can also be a lesson for your parents. Even if it is difficult, you should not be overwhelmed with it, and let it always be reversed.
Instead, it is advisable, if possible, to steer you to the right path, with impatience, affection and much patience. Of course, it is important to take your needs into consideration, but it is no less important to realize that sometimes he has to let go and adapt. The Scorpio kid often plays well alone, but he enjoys quiet and peaceful pursuits with exciting and hectic adventures; he does not know the impossible when he is testing his own abilities and boundaries.
Researchers tend not to take it in the wrong name: it is not because you want to toss the teddy bear and the small car because it wants to do everything for us, but because it is "disturbing" the secrets. Things try to make things so that you don't have to worry about the unknown.
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