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What kind of mother is the Skorpion?

She has definite ideas about parenting.

What kind of mother is Skorpiу?

In emergencies, you are able to provide support that only a few, in this case, can behave like a real mother tiger. The seedling also goes to the very end of support, ready for anything, and its energy is almost inexhaustible.Be expects you to comply with its own rules and principles in exchange. If this does not happen, it can often be punished with emotional distraction, withdrawal of support, and hardly "softened". His advanced intuition is capable of sensing the tiniest bodily and psychic vibrations of his child, and he is extremely disturbed if he does not understand a manifestation. She doesn't like secrets. You cannot rest until you discover the unknown so that you and your loved ones can, at your discretion, be protected from any possible negative consequences. So sometimes it can go wrong daring love does not allow enough freedom of movement for those closest to you. He himself does not want to "burden" others with the problem, rather clench his teeth - and can listen very much if he does not want to talk about something. Find out more about the Skorpion!
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