The latest Boribon is ready, but there will be a new Kippkopp

The latest Boribon is ready, but there will be a new Kippkopp

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Sixty years ago, the first story was written by Veronika Marek, whose books grew up with generations of children. Continuing to be born, newer tales, including Japanese works, now work on the cartoon version of Laci and the Lion book.

The lunatic just about to be portrayed has reportedly told MTI that his latest Boribon tale has been published the other day, working on a new Kippkopp story in Japan, Laci and the Lion Marion Veronica wrote and drew Boribonrul's first story for her own fun at the age of 17. "My father entered it into the Múra Publishing House, but since we translated it in 1955, this picture book, with only one sentence attached to each print, surprised the publisher, and so asked Blanca to start a child psychology. turn, even though I wanted to be a theater expert. "
He did a babbling. Recently, Boribon has been processing the Bible House, and its two years have been running with great success at the Budapest Bible House. "I took part in the production, but I didn't write the play, it was done by talented young people. I was rewarded with the performance. I'm happy with it because it's like a musical, based on a CD made by Zsuhfia Taller. "We recalled the piece," he recalled, adding that the disc won the children's album of the year Phonogram Award in 2011.
Boribon is not a regular kid. The brown bear lives with Annipani, who can be either her mother or her mother, though that doesn't work out. In the tales, Boribon takes on different moods, and the wavering of the deep peaks sweeps up the story, explains the Nun.
He realized that he was constantly drawing, drawing, and creating new stories for the New Boribon Book. But recently she has also published two baby books that only contain pictures for the youngest. Boribon paints an egg that presents all the delights and excitement of the Easter Eve to the kids, and kept it in the top of the book charts for weeks. But they are also very popular on the job abroad. In Japan, more than twenty books have been published, and there is a true cult of Laci and lion-headed tales.
This book has been published for the first time in Japan for over fifty years, and has since been sold and sold out of three to four thousand copies, more than 500,000 copies have been sold so far. "I would like to have an anniversary book out there for the anniversaries who created this Japanese edition," said Maron Veronica.
He was a translator of Tokunaga Yasumoto, a colleague at Eötvös College in Budapest and, after returning home, a professor of Finno-Ugric lectures at Tokyo University. After the Tokyo Olympics, Győr Szepesi told the audience that when he visited Mr. Tokunaga, the professor showed him the most beloved Hungarian books, the Laci and the Lion.
"Our Japanese friends think the translation is great. But translating the glass is not an easy task; he remarked.
The secret to the success of the book is still engaging the Nun. "What's popular is something I will never understand. For us, the cowardly Laci teaches the little lion to be a winner, and afterwards, he liberates him, and Laciboul's lewd man becomes a pilot. But the Japanese do not want and let me know when he leaves. "
He is now working on a cartoon version of the tale with Japanese works. The original story is recreated, with the original drawings, but it takes a bit more episode. In the current phase of the work, they are also looking for sponsors for the production.
He's been to Japan six times, and his brother is planning a seventh trip. "Wherever you go, you have found virtues: natural beauty, historical monuments, state of the art, the most advanced techniques. Last year, in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, hundreds of Japanese tales and drawings were told, all of which were members of the Japanese-Hungarian friendship. And when she turned on the television in the evening at the hotel, one of the local channels was just reading Laci and the Lion in Japanese.
The book of Ancient and Baptist Books was also published in the island, and some of them were readily taken care of by Vivandra at home. This volume was published this year by Tom and Thoo in France. Previous books from the bookstore were taken, but this time the text was expanded to make it easier for children to understand.
The nun, whom Z. Andras Marosi and his staff have recently done at BKF, is working on a number of new jobs. He mentioned that an idea behind them was to shoot a children's TV movie with Zebra Street 11 for young creators. "Three kids to spend time, investigating in the gangly house they live in, and finding something really interesting in between," he told the story.
As expected from the Mura Bookstore in June, the Blue Book is a book about the Garden, which was born out of the 44 books published in the former Little Drummer's Book. With the addition of a new part to the Kippkopp and Tipptopp series, almost all the drawings have been completed.
He was also pleased to discover that he has recently discovered a graphic reminder: at the beginning of the last century, 25 years old, adventurous, talented artist, Bella Kõszegi's powerful drawing, clean and powerful. "This is how I feel, in my drawings Bella Kszszegi lives on" - said the Nun.