Pregnancy: When can a father feel that his baby is pregnant?

Pregnancy: When can a father feel that his baby is pregnant?

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He's a huge guy in the process of choosing a mother when she first senses her baby moving.

When you have a sense of growing small life in this way, it puts your pregnancy in a completely different dimension, just as it will become "real" than before. No wonder we want to share this experience with our couple. However, it is probably time to wait a little while after the first tangible movements for your dad to feel the small rocks - reports on Most women will be in between the 18th and 22nd weeks. Initially, these attachments are very subtle, so much so that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from other movements. But as the baby moves more and more (that is, the woman keeps telling her more and more), when her mother looks back, she realizes she has been like this before, but she didn't know she was holding the baby. And as the pregnancy progresses, many more will feel the baby. Unfortunately, there is no exact timeline for when this will occur, according to research, between 24 and 28 weeks. The realization of this is influenced by several factors. You can't touch anything
That's the weightIt may be harder for the baby's eyes to feel the baby's movements when he or she is pregnant. Or, at the very least, fine movements are harder to pin down, and stronger jams are much lighter.
Location of the placentaIf the cushion is located on the front of the lining - which is between the baby and the abdomen - it may be even more difficult for others to feel the baby's rips as if the cushion is on the lumbar spine.
The position of the babySometimes it only affects whether the baby's movement can be felt or how the little one is located. For example, if your baby is looking over your stomach, it is easier to notice these movements than it is for your back. And how can we help, make it easier for us to share this fantastic, unparalleled image with others? The fetus will become very active after eating it and at night, so these are the best times to try. If you feel the baby moving, grab hold of your partner's hand, put it on your stomach, and don't worry about pressing it a bit. More information about fetal movement:
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