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How much and what kind of games should the child buy?

How much and what kind of games should the child buy?

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There is a huge supply of children's toys. Most parents try to buy as many toys as possible for their baby, if they can. Are you wondering what kind of games are best for your child, since what do we do best for them?

How much should we buy? Get less!

The surprising choice has been the result of multigenerational research: parents, grandparents, and even fewer toddler toys have grown up with many creative, discovery, inventive, and researching minds. Because creativity is best stimulated if children are able to find themselves, because they have to engage.
Too much boredom, frivolity, parenting or just the amount of games the developer is trying to overwrite the child's ability to decide - he doesn't know what to do -

The games that give the most initiative are the ones that most stimulate the child's development

The less "perfect" a game is, the more it can be used for action. A big banana box can be a boat, a Ferrari or a helicopter, or a baby. If you put on a plastic bottle, cardboard box, spilled socks and show you how to play rhythm, you wore more socks and more socks to your child, him.

It's the best game to talk to in the adult world

The child does not want to entertain and disconnect, on the contrary, he wants to engage in real life, so he imitates adults, be it hairdressing, digital or anything in the life. What is seen in the environment is exemplary. Notice what roles you initiate, what you do on your own, and give you feedback on how you view the world, your parents.
You'll be happy to involve him in our housekeeping, gardening, but he'll also try to grab those "treasures" he doesn't really mean. Before handing over your cellphone, remote control, think about the boundaries of what you are letting it go and adhere to the rules.

Kids love to get into someone's skin

Instead of quantity, put the emphasis on quality

It's not that easy to find the right game! You need to know your child's level of development by playing with the challenges of the game. The age on the box is for information only. Exciting games employ the child's existing abilities, build on them and build on those abilities that are still evolving just to keep the with a great laugh. The lifespan of the games increases if they can be played in different ways according to their level of development, and each option presents another challenge and the outcome of the games is not schematic.

Treasures of Nature Are Counterpoint to Machined Games of Today's Life

In addition to developing soft and light buttons and small electronic games designed for the touch of a button, he also needs raw materials in which he needs to entertain.
Go outside every day, possibly in the nature as well as the playground. Let them climb up to a lower branch, dip a stick in the pool, and bring home the fallen leaves, acorns, and empty shell.
Take a look at the interesting things: a strange tree, pebbles, colored leaves, bright chestnuts, acorns. Put out the scythe, the flower, the animal. Throw it in, like the sandbox with acorns and chestnuts.
Prune the middle of the paper by sticking the leaves in a thick book. Stick large pictures on your sticky wallpaper. From chestnuts and acorns, toothpicks help the lurk to make people and animals.
Draw pencils, simple figures (heart, pear, flower) on felt pebbles. Line up the pebbles, tell me what's on it, round off a little story. You can play with them as a toddler or find a memory game.
Buy a game:
  • Notice what the kid wants to play in the ovi, the friends, the playhouse.
  • Go to a game shop where you can try out a game.
  • Take the time to sign up!
  • The best thing about having a kid is when you talk about the games, you choose the one that you like.
  • You can choose from an upgradeable basic set, such as building blocks, baby shades, so you can still enjoy playing with your child.


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