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This is how stress affects the fetus in your tummy

This is how stress affects the fetus in your tummy

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Although we are clearly aware that daily stress has an effect on our health, it is better to know that it really affects the baby developing in our abdomen.

Stress has a very bad effect on the fetus

When you are stressed, the level of cortisol hormone in the blood increasesthat was originally designed to be able to act quickly in an emergency. However, this is exactly the same when you are experiencing emotional stress and you do not have to (physically) go away. Although your body is very wicked, it does not make a difference between physical and emotional stress. tit completely fills the body. Physically and emotionally, it is almost imperceptible, and it is very damaging to your health. And now that you are expecting a baby, not only for you, but also for the baby.

Stress during pregnancy

Professor at Imperial College London, Vivette Glover according to stress during pregnancy increase the risk of developing early cognitive problems.The cortisol hormone is able to pass through the placenta, so its high levels in the amniotic fluid can affect the baby's brain's dopamine production. It seems likely that the stress on the baby's mother may make the baby more vulnerable to having less stress than the average after childbirth. One of the receptors for stress hormones can create a biological change in the fetus that is much will make the world child more vulnerable to the stress effects of the five - and this has been linked to the development of hyperactivity. In fact, fewer autoimmune problems also occur.


The recipe is simple: if you are looking for a baby, try to relax and relax as much as possible! Of course, you can't completely eliminate stress in your life, so if your life is just plain tired, but in the mean time you are feeling well balanced, you have no reason to worry. However, if you are constantly stressed, worried, nervous, and properly quit your job, then if you have no choice or to go to CSED prematurely, it is important to counteract it with plenty of rest and relaxation. Sleep, read, play, hang out, meditate, and if nothing helps, feel free to ask for help from a specialist!The following articles are also related to this topic:
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